About Stagecoach Builders

I have more than 20 years of experience managing construction and have been the owner of a construction business virtually since graduating from college.  I have relocated to Hawaii, where I plan to continue to apply my construction management expertise.  As with previous companies I founded in New York City and Taos, New Mexico, I will maintain the focus on high quality service and client satisfaction.

After five years of learning the quality residential construction business in New York and New Mexico, I founded my Taos company, Stagecoach Builders, Inc., in 1993.  It quickly became the high quality contracting company that I had always dreamed of creating.  My goal was to give my clients their dream house and, at the same time, to make their experience in planning and helping create it as pleasant as possible.  My personal attention to every detail and to creating a tranquil environment kept each project running smoothly and efficiently.  My employees and subcontractors have always appreciated this attitude of diligence and attention to the client’s needs, and therefore the work flowed smoothly.  The clients benefited from my guidance, and were also glad to have ample time to make decisions about design, colors, finishes, fixtures, and appliances.

For my clients, I performed many roles.  I sited and laid out every project completed by Stagecoach Builders.  This is the most important phase of the project, taking into account optimal views, whether a neighbor’s house can be seen from major rooms, how climate and weather affect different activities, and other considerations.  Views can be adjusted with slight changes to the angle or location of the house on the site.  By working with them, I helped many homeowners achieve the view they wanted.  I also did all ordering of materials, kept the books, did payroll, and followed the day-to-day working schedule.  In addition to supervising staff and subcontractors, I put on the tool belt myself to do carpentry work.  I felt it was my job to know every square inch of a project, to understand every task and be able to foresee possible obstacles.

In Hawaii, I will draw from this background of knowledge, experience and resources to provide homeowners with the high quality, efficiency and dedication for which my work has been known.  Client satisfaction remains my highest goal.

James DeBonet
PO Box 223873
Princeville, HI 96722